Tactical pants are designed for people who need to remain active. Most of them are designed to be water-resistant, durable, and lightweight. They’re also equipped with more durable belt loops than most other types of pants. That makes them an essential piece of equipment for hikers, hunters, EMTs, or anyone else that needs a pair of pants that gives them freedom of movement. We should know because we spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the best tactical pants, so all of our faithful readers can find the ones that fit them the best and serve their needs the best.

Quick Summary of the Best Tactical Pants

Editor’s Choice: 5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke Uniform Pants

Before we begin with this review, we have to state that these tactical pants are some of the more expensive ones that we’ve reviewed. However, we also think that these are not only some of the best tactical pants available but some of the best pants of any kind available. We were bowled over by the quality of these pants, how well they moved and the features they came equipped with. Anyone looking for a quality pair of pants that will help them go through their day-to-day life is going to want to pick up a pair of these pants.

These pants are made out of a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton that allows the skin to breathe and moves with the wearer’s movement. This two-way Flex-Tac stretch fabric is also equipped with a soil and stain-resistant Teflon that makes them exceptionally durable and helps to keep them looking better for longer. Another thing that increases their durability is the way they’re stitched. The makers of these pants know how the human body moves, so they’ve reinforced this product strategically, so the wearer never has to worry about the pants ripping at the most inopportune time.

These pants are also equipped with some very nice features. Some of these features include a gusseted construction, Prym snaps, and YKK zippers. They also have articulated knees, a self-adjusting tunnel waistband, and bar tacking at all of the major seams. This product is also equipped with 12 pockets that allow the wearer to carry a variety of different items. Among these are double-deep cargo pockets, as well as front pockets that are well-designed for carrying smartphones or EDC items.

These straight-fit pants are also available in an assortment of different colors. These colors include khaki, green, black, charcoal, brown, burnt, dark navy, coyote, tundra, ranger, green, stone, and storm. That means that there’s a pair of pants for just about anyone who needs one.

What we liked about it
  • They are water and stain-resistant.
  • They are available in an assortment of colors.
  • They are reinforced and extremely durable.

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These high-quality tactical pants are designed to be a good cross between the pants that law enforcement and military personnel use, except that they’ve been adapted for civilian use. These pants are made from a high-strength and extremely durable material that’s been equipped with a high-density metal alloy zipper and button. These pants are designed to be fade, shrink, and wrinkle resistant as well, so consumers can wear them with confidence no matter what activity they use them to do.

These pants are made from a Duratex fabric that’s designed to resist soiling, liquids, and staining, and to hold up to even some of the harshest of conditions. They are stitched in a way that makes them suitable for law enforcement use, military use, or for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, camping, or mountaineering. They come with 8 multi-purpose cargo pockets that are a little bit smaller than we would’ve liked, but still have enough room to carry many of the essentials that most people need to carry regularly.

These pants come with an elastic waistband that’s form-fitting, and a D-ring that’s made of black nickel and is suitable for carrying hook-on tactical accessories. These pants also have a hatched back pocket with a Velcro flap that’s very easy to use.

These pants come in an assortment of colors, too and these colors include khaki, stone, black, green, tundra, navy, utility camo, and coyote. This assortment of colors means that there’s probably a pair of these tactical pants that will serve just about anyone’s needs.

Designed for men of action, these tactical pants are sure to be useful to just about anyone who needs a pair of pants that can keep up with their level of physical activity without failing them when they need them the most.

What we liked about it
  • These pants are very durable.
  • They come in an assortment of colors.

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These multipurpose tactical pants are designed for anyone who needs a quality pair of pants for law enforcement, outdoor activities, or for training. They are made using a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and are designed to wick sweat away from the wearer’s body. They are also designed to be extremely durable, and thanks to their Duratex fabric they’re resistant to water, shrinking and fading. They are also lightweight and breathe, so the wearer never feels stifled while they’re wearing them.

Each of these pants is designed with zipper and velcro closures, belt loops, and 10 pockets. The pockets found on these pants include two front slash pockets, two shin velcro pockets, two thigh velcro pockets, and four rear velcro pockets. They are also equipped with reinforced knees that allow the consumer to add knee pad inserts to them if they want to do that. However, it does need to be stated that these knee pad inserts are going to have to be purchased separately because they don’t come with these pants.

Another thing that we liked about these pants was that they were made with stitching that prevents the crotch from wearing out prematurely. These paints are perfect for a variety of different activities including paintball, climbing, hiking, hunting, cycling, or shooting. These are quality pants that will hold up to whatever is thrown at them and won’t end up slowing the wearer down when they need their pants to perform well. We also liked the fact that the belt loops found on these pants were wide enough to deal with just about any size belt.

Anyone searching for a pair of great tactical pants might want to give these pants a try. They’re reasonably priced, durable, and they look good. They also come in colors that include black python, dark camo, khaki, army green, and black.

What we liked about it
  • They are extremely well made and durable.
  • They come with a variety of pockets.
  • They come in an assortment of colors.

A Guide To Buying Tactical Pants

We could’ve stopped by just reviewing some of the best tactical pants available, but we’ve decided to take it a step further and write a guide telling our readers how to purchase tactical pants that best serves their needs. After all, no two people are alike, so the best pants are probably the ones that serve the wearer’s needs the best and aren’t just the pants made with the best materials. Okay, let’s get right into the thick of things and talk about some of the things you’ll want to consider before you purchase your next pair of tactical pants.

Step One: Choose A Style

Tactical pants come in a variety of different styles, but they can be broken down into Tactical Covert Pants, Tactical Overt Pants, and Tactical Jeans. Each of these styles is different, so let’s take a few moments and briefly cover each one before we move on.

Tactical Covert Pants

These are tactical pants that don’t look like them. These pants were originally designed to give the wearer the advantages of tactical pants but without them looking like that’s their purpose. This makes these pants suitable for law enforcement or anyone who wants the readiness of combat pants while maintaining a casual look. 

Tactical Overt Pants

These pants are not only tactical pants but look like them as well. They’re equipped with plenty of pockets for carrying EDC items and are reinforced exactly at the places that need to be reinforced. These pants are modeled off pants that used to be worn by the military, so they are designed to be tough and practical. 

Tactical Jeans

Tactical Jeans take the concept of Covert Pants to another level altogether. They are designed to look exactly like blue jeans. Unfortunately, this does require them to sacrifice some of the features of Overt and Tactical Covert pants, which is why we don’t have any of them on our list. 

Step Two: Consider Concealed Carry Applications

Another important consideration for any consumer who needs a pair of tactical pants that are capable of accommodating a concealed weapon is going to want to make sure it has a CCW design. CCW tactical pants are designed with fabrics that help to conceal the outline of the gun and are usually equipped with reinforced stitching that helps provide additional support for guns. They also usually have wider belts that help to provide support for holsters. 

Step Three: Consider The Pockets

One of the main benefits of tactical pants is the number of pockets that can be found on them. Most of these pants are equipped with deep cargo pockets, but they also tend to have other types of pockets that extend their usefulness. So that’s something that most people are going to want to consider before they purchase their next pair of tactical pants. Some of the pockets that consumers might want to consider are hidden pockets inside the waistband, EDC pockets for carrying everyday essentials, and knife pockets for holding on to folding knives. Of course, that’s only a fraction of the different pockets available, so we’ve listed a few additional pockets that might be useful. 

Other Types Of Pockets Found On Tactical Pants:

  • Magazine Pockets
  • Media Pockets
  • Knee Pad Pockets
  • Key Pockets

Step Four: Consider Pocket Closures

Another thing to consider, as far as pockets go, are the ways those pockets close. Older tactical pants tended to use buttons as pocket closures, but that is a little outdated nowadays. Most pants use either zippers as closures or use Velcro. Velcro is a great choice for a pocket closure because it keeps the pocket secure, but it does have one huge drawback: it’s extremely noisy to open. That’s why individuals who need the ability to open up and remove objects from their pockets silently are going to want to choose pockets with zippers. 

Step Five: Make Sure That They’re Durable

Another important consideration for anyone purchasing a pair of tactical pants is durability. After all, these pants are designed for individuals who are most likely going to put them through their paces, so they’re going to want to make sure that they’re built to last. This includes reinforced knees, extra stitching in the seat and crotch, and heavy dut waistbands that are designed to deal with additional weight from holsters and/or guns. 

Step Six: Make Sure They Address Mobility Concerns

The last thing for consumers to think about before purchasing their next pair of pants is whether they will be able to flex with the wearer’s movements. Some of the best tactical pants are made with articulated knees, gusseted crotches, and expanding waistbands. These features ensure that the pants flex with the wearer’s movements without ripping.