The best tactical gloves are the ones that protect the user’s hands while giving them the maximum amount of dexterity possible. These gloves originally began to meet the needs of military and police personnel, but now more and more civilians have begun to use them as well. While military and police personnel used these gloves as sniper gauntlets, gloves to protect police from needle sticks, and gloves that help protect the wearer’s hands from a variety of other threats.

Civilian use is reserved for things such as gun range use, motorcycle use, paintball, airsoft, or even work during the winter. We know how useful these gloves are because we’ve not only researched them but have also reviewed some of the major brands. What we’ve discovered are the best gloves for tactical use. A list we’d like to share with our readers right now.

Quick Summary of the Best Tactical Gloves

Editor’s Choice: Freetoo Men’s Military-Style Tactical Gloves

A pair of tactical gloves that we almost immediately fell in love with were these gloves from Freetoo. Not only did we feel that these gloves were nice looking, but we also felt that they had a decent assortment of features that consumers are going to enjoy. For example, these gloves allow air to circulate around the wearer’s hands, and this helps to keep them cool during the summer months. Another thing that we liked about these gloves was that they seemed to be true to fit, so the wearer can order their actual size without having to experiment with it.

These gloves fit snugly and do a great job of protecting the wearer’s hands from scratching and other abrasions. They’re made with a reinforced palm and are double stitched, so they hold up under even the most extreme conditions. They can be used for working, camping, or hunting, and they’re backed by a 3-month warranty. They’re made with breathable materials that remain odor-free, even during the heat of summer, and have a vented design that allows hot air to vent away from the hands.

Another thing we liked about these gloves, is that they provided an excellent grip. This is facilitated by a dual-layer synthetic leather palm that helps the wearer hold onto what they need to hold onto during use. It also needs to be mentioned that although these gloves can be worn in cooler conditions, they’re not designed for cold weather conditions. That’s not only because they allow too much air into them, but also because the materials were just not designed for extremely cold conditions.

We feel that these gloves are good for a variety of different jobs and we think that most consumers will enjoy using them. They will also most certainly enjoy the price of them since they’re significantly less expensive than some of the other tactical gloves being sold nowadays.

What we liked about it
  • These are heavy-duty gloves.
  • They fit true to size.
  • They allow the hands to breathe.

Also Recommended: Titan OPS Full-Finger Hard-Knuckle Gloves

After reviewing these tactical gloves, we can see how they will be very suitable for a variety of different jobs. We imagine that these gloves will be appreciated by law enforcement, or by motorcyclists who are looking for quality riding gloves. They’re made to exacting standards and with high-quality components, and they’re designed to hold up to tough conditions.

And although we did feel that they were initially snug and took quite a bit of time to break-in, perhaps longer than other gloves, we did feel that they were eventually great gloves once they were finally broke-in.

These gloves are made with microfiber, nylon, leather, and lycra. This combination allows them to keep the user’s hands warm during cold conditions but also allowed the hands to breathe during hot conditions. They are full-finger gloves that help to shield the knuckles from scrapping and is designed to protect the whole hand against abrasions.

They’re also equipped with a reinforced palm for extra durability and grip, and an adjustable wrist strap that provides the flexibility that people need when they’re wearing work gloves.

We also appreciated the fact that these gloves were odor-resistant and didn’t hold onto odors the way that padded winter gloves tend to do. This allows the wearer to avoid having to frequently wash them to keep them odor-free, which helps the wearer keep them in the best shape possible for as long as possible. Of course, when the wearer does eventually want to wash these gloves, all they have to do is toss them into the washer and then air dry them. That will keep them in the best shape possible.

These gloves are available in sizes from Medium through XXL, so there’s a pair that will fit just about anyone who wants to wear them. All things considered, we feel that these tactical gloves are some of the best ones we’ve reviewed. Once they were broke-in, we felt they were comfortable, durable, and priced just right.

What we liked about it
  • They’re extremely durable.
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • They help to keep hands warm.

Also Consider: Glove Station Sports Tactical Rubber Gloves

Even though we do have to admit that we didn’t feel that these tactical gloves were as durable as they could’ve been, we still think that they would be decent gloves for light-duty work or to use as riding gloves. These are hard knuckle gloves that help to protect the hands from abrasions and do it while maintaining a complete range of motion. They’re designed with double-stitched seams, allow air to circulate around the hands, and are good for both summer and winter use.

These gloves are made out of synthetic leather for the palm, padded mesh fabric for the back of the hands, and it’s reinforced with neoprene fabric that moves with the wearer’s joints. This allows them to be snug but to also remain comfortable at the same time. And since they have a textured inner palm, they also give the wearer enhanced gripping ability along with improved finger dexterity. This is quite useful for wearers who need to use tools while they’re wearing their gloves.

These gloves come in several different sizes and styles as well. They are available in sizes from Medium through Extra-Large, and they’re available in black, gray, green, or tan. They can be used for everything from motorcycle riding to paintball tournaments and they have that undeniable tactical style that a lot of consumers are going to appreciate.

These gloves might not be the absolute best tactical gloves that are currently available, but they’re good looking and practical enough to be appreciated by just about anyone looking for a quality pair of gloves. These gloves provide the user with the dexterity and grip that they need for most light-duty jobs and are also useful as a pair of useful backup gloves.

What we liked about it
  • They fit extremely well.
  • They’re good for light-duty work.
  • They’re reasonably priced.

A Guide To Buying Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves can be some of the most useful accessories for a person to own—as long as they purchase the best ones available. These gloves help protect the wearer’s hands against scrapes, cuts, and other abrasions and also helps to protect the hands against weather extremes. Another key feature of these gloves is that they can also help to improve the wearer’s grip, so they can grip and use tools better than they could with their bare hands.

Of course, all of this is predicated on the fact that the consumer knows what they need to buy when shopping for the best tactical gloves around. To ensure that all of our readers are forearmed with that knowledge, we’ve decided to write this guide, so everyone knows just exactly what they should be looking out for when buying a pair of these gloves. 

Why Purchase A Pair Of Tactical Gloves?

Although we feel that we did a good job of discussing some of the uses for tactical gloves, we also know that we probably missed some of the things that these gloves could be used for. Let’s see, we covered police work, military use, shooting, paintball, airsoft, and motorcycle riding, so far. Let’s do a deeper dive into the subject and find out some of the other uses for these gloves, shall we?

Other Jobs For Tactical Gloves:

  • Wearing During Wet Conditions
  • Cold Weather Work
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat
  • To Protect Hands Against Needles
  • To Protect Hands Against Abrasions
  • To Protect Against Heat And/Or Cold

Choose The Right Material

The first thing the consumer is going to want to think about before choosing a new pair of gloves is the material the gloves are made with. Due to the number of different materials that are used in tactical gloves, it’s almost impossible for us to cover all of them in an article this size, what we can do is divide them up into two different camps: synthetic and non-synthetic materials. This will enable us to talk about some of the benefits of each of these materials, so our readers can decide for themselves which material is right for their needs. 

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic material tends to cost less than natural materials, and they also tend to be lighter. Other benefits of synthetic materials are that they provide more protection against the elements than natural materials tend to do. 

Natural Materials

Natural materials tend to be higher quality, and as a result, they usually cost more. They also tend to have a better tactile feel to them, meaning the wearer will have an easier time manipulating objects while wearing them. 

Consider Finger Dexterity

Another important feature to consider before purchasing a new pair of tactical gloves is how much finger dexterity they afford the wearer. This is especially important for full-finger gloves that cover the finger from the fingernail to the knuckle. If the fingers don’t provide the dexterity the wearer needs, then they’re not going to be of much use.

Surprisingly, some of the best gloves for finger dexterity are the tactical gloves with padded fingers. That’s because the rigidity of the gloves’ fingers tends to prevent it from fully conforming to the wearer’s digits, and this can result in better finger reaction time than gloves with non-padded fingers. 

Consider The Glove’s Palms

It’s also a good idea for the consumer to pay close attention to the gloves’ palms. The best tactical gloves are the ones that have a textured palm that help to increase the wearer’s grip on tools that they may be using. Depending on the type of jobs the wearer expects to do while they’re wearing their gloves, they may also want to think about whether they need a padded palm for extra protection or not. 

Consider The Gloves’ Weight

How much the gloves weigh is also an important consideration for just about everyone. Although durability and protection are the number one and two considerations for these gloves, the weight of the gloves is a close third. If the gloves are too heavy, then they will end up hampering the wearer’s hand movements. 

Other Features To Think About

Having just covered some of the features that the best gloves have, we thought that we’d end this guide with a few of the other features that the consumer might want to consider. The following glove features extend the useability and performance of the gloves and, depending on the job, may be important for some people to think about. 

  • Tablet Or Smartphone Friendly Fingertips
  • Whether The Gloves Are Snug Or Loose
  • Wrist Straps For A Better Fit