Anyone who spends any amount of time in the wilderness, or who wants to make sure that they’re prepared at all times, is going to want to make sure that they carry a multi-tool with them. These wonderfully handy tools give the average person just about everything they need to navigate just about any situation. Even though they come in a variety of different models, even the lesser quality models are better to have than nothing.

We feel that these types of tools are so important, everyone should have one at their disposal. That’s why we rolled up our sleeves and reviewed some of them for our readers. The result is the following list of the best survival multi-tools currently available. Tools that will benefit anyone who decided to carry one of them around with them.

Quick Summary of the Best Survival Multi-Tools

Editor’s Choice: Bibury 18-In-1 Multipurpose Multi-Tool

This tool from Birbury may look like just any other multi-tool, but it is one of the best survival multi-tools available. It’s a tool that’s made out of 420 stainless-steel, which makes it corrosion-resistant and very durable. It also has a variety of tools on it that makes it handy to have in just about any survival situation—regardless of whether it’s a survival situation in the middle of the woods or one in the middle of the city.

Some of the tools that can be found on this multi-tool include a pair of needle-nose pliers, a pipe grip pair of pliers, a screwdriver, a cable cutter, a bottle/can opener, a scale, and a file. It also comes with a rope cutter that can be quite useful for cutting through seat belts in an emergency, as well as a safety hammer that can be used to smash through a car window. And all of these tools can be easily deployed with just one hand.

This tool also has a titanium-plated handle that’s easy to grip and hold. Also included on this tool is a safety mechanism that locks its 3-inch blade in place. And because this tool comes with a nylon carrying case, it’s easy for the consumer to keep on their person at all times and carry with them. That makes it a great tool for every-day carry, for packing into a bug-out bag or briefcase, or for keeping it around the home for chores.

The only real problem that we had about this multi-tool is that we felt that its screwdriver bits were a bit small to be practical. It would seem like there would be only a few screws that could be unscrewed with using this tool. Having said that, however, we feel that’s a small problem that doesn’t diminish the value of this tool at all. After all, this multi-tool is extremely well built and is a fraction of the cost of most of the ones available. It’s truly a good multi-tool for anyone who needs one.

What we liked about it
  • This multitool is a fraction of the cost of other ones.
  • It’s extremely well built and very durable.
  • It contains 18 tools in one.

Also Recommended: Anumit 16-In-1 Outdoor Survival Multi-Tool

After an initial review of this product, it’s easy to see what makes it such a great multi-tool for outdoor and survival situations. This product is approximately 6.7×3.5×0.9-inches and only weighs 15-ounces, but it comes with a variety of useful tools on it that make it handy for around the yard work or for use in the wilderness. It’s a good product to give as a gift to campers, hunters, hikers or anyone else who could benefit from having a set of quality tools at their disposal.

Some of the tools that can be found on this survival multi-tool include a hammer, hatchet, wire cutter, regular pliers, flat-jaw pliers, knife, saw, Phillips screwdriver, assorted hex wrench, nail file, serrated blade, bottle opener, and fish descaler. It’s a compact and potentially life-saving tool that’s good for outdoor travel, hunting, fishing, and camping. It’s also equipped with a safety lock and a plier handle that makes it easy to use as well.

The basic model of this product features a wood handle, but there’s also a more expensive version that features a metal handle. Speaking of price, its low price point is another reason that many people are going to want to purchase this tool. It’s a fraction of the cost of many of the name brand multi-tools that cost a small fortune. This product is one of the most reasonably priced multi-tools that are currently available.

We felt that this was a high-quality tool, but it isn’t without its flaws. And one of the flaws we didn’t really like about this multi-tool was that the ax cover was a bit loose and easily come off of it during use. And once the cover is off the ax, it’s easy to use. This has prompted some people to buy or craft their own covers for the ax portion of this tool. In our opinion, it’s not a deal-breaker, but it is worth mentioning.

What we liked about it
  • This multi-tool is well made.
  • It has 16 different tools, including an ax.

Also Consider: Off Grid Tools Ultimate Survival Multi-Tool

This tool might look like a weapon from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie, but it’s a great survival multi-tool. It’s made from quality components, has a nice assortment of tools on it, and is easy to hold and to use. The only real complaint we have about this tool is that the hatchet blade was a bit dull. We’re not sure if they ship it this way for safety concerns or what, but it is worth mentioning that the consumer might need to have it sharpened to get full use out of it.

Some of the tools that can be found on this product include a hammerhead, a nail claw, a pry bar, a replaceable 6-inch saw blade, a hardened steel-glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, and hex sockets. This tool can handle 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 10mm, 11mm, 13mm, and 15mm hex sizes. This tool is approximately 11.5-inches long and weighs approximately 1.6-pounds.

Taking all of these features into consideration—along with its low price—it’s easy to see why so many people use this tool when they’re in the outdoors. This is a wonderful tool that can be used by both survivalists, campers, hikers, hunters, or anyone else who needs a great survival multi-tool at their disposal.

It’s also a product that’s available in one of two different styles. The consumer can purchase it with a glass-filled nylon handle or if they want to spend a little bit more, they can purchase it with an aluminum handle. Regardless of which one the consumer chooses, however, they’re sure to get quite a bit of use from this handy multi-tool.

What we liked about it
  • This is a well-made multi-tool.
  • It has a good assortment of tools.
  • It’s extremely tough.

A Guide To Buying A Survival Multi-Tool

We feel that the survival multi-tools we’ve selected are some of the best ones around, so we’re confident that our readers will be able to select one that suits their needs. Just in case our readers are looking for something else, however, we’ve decided to write this guide on how to choose a multi-tool for survival uses. Below are some of the things our readers should think about when choosing a multi-tool to ensure that they purchase the one that best suits their needs and circumstances. 

Choose The Multi-Tool Type

It would be disingenuous for us to say that there’s only one type of survival multi-tool available nowadays. There are several different types available for the average consumer to consider. For the consumer to decide which one is right for them, they need to take their time to do the homework and select a tool from among these categories. Below are the different multi-tool categories along with a brief description that should help our readers distinguish between them.

Keychain Multi-Tools

Although these multi-tools are new to the scene, more and more people are beginning to carry them and there’s a good reason why that’s the case. These tools are compact and easy to take just about anywhere. However, as handy as these tools are to have around, they also are a little bit on the small side, which means that they might not be right for some applications. They also tend to not be made with the same build quality as larger multi-tool models, so they might not be that good for general survival situations. 

Full-Size General Purpose Multi-Tools

The next category of multi-tools that we would like to discuss is the general-purpose full-size ones. These are designed to be useful for a wide variety of different purposes than keychain ones and they’re available in different quality levels and with different configurations of tools. However, since it’s a general-purpose tool, these usually have fewer survival applications than the next category we’re going to discuss. However, they still offer a good assortment of tools for people who need to be able to do jobs at home, at work or in the wilderness. 

Outdoor Survival Or Specialized Multi-Tools

This is sort of a catch-all category for all of the multi-tools that don’t fit into the other two categories. This category includes outdoor multi-tools that are useful for activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting, as well as specialized multi-tools that are designed for gun owners, electricians or other experts in their fields. In our opinion, outdoor multi-tools are the best ones for survival because they not only have generalized tools but they also have specialized tools that include things such as saws, hatchets, fish descalers and so on. 

Select The Tools & Features Needed

The next thing the consumer is going to want to determine is the type of tools they need the multi-tool to have as well as its core features. There’s no sense in purchasing one of these multi-tools if it doesn’t do the things the consumer needs it to do. For example, if a person needs to be able to tighten or untighten screws, then they’re going to want to get one with screwdriver attachments, while someone else who doesn’t need that particular feature might want to look for something else. 

Some Of The Tools Found On Multi-Tools

Below is a shortlist of some of the more common tools found on multi-tools. Although it would be physically impossible to list all of the tools that are incorporated into these multi-tools, we do think that the following list covers most of the tools one can expect to find. 

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers
  • Hex Sockets
  • Saw Blades
  • Wire Cutters
  • Hatchets
  • Seatbelt Or Rope Cutters
  • Automobile Window Strikers
  • Knives
  • Pliers
  • Pry Bars
  • Files
  • Fish Descalers
  • Bottle/Can Openers

Features To Consider On A Multitool

It’s not only important for the consumer to consider the tools that are equipped on the multi-tool, but it’s also a good idea to consider some of the tool’s features. When we say features, we mean the things that make the tool more durable, easier to use or transport, or just generally make it a safer or better product. Some of the features that we think that all consumers should consider are listed below. Let’s take a quick look at them before concluding this guide and letting everyone purchase the best survival multi-tool for their needs. 

  • Aluminum Or Stainless Steel Construction
  • The Inclusion Of Safety Locks
  • Included Nylon Or Leather Sheaths