A great thing about modern society is that food is always available when we need it. If you run out of eggs, bread or milk, restocking is as simple as heading down to the local grocery store and picking up more. But that’s only the case while things are going well. What happens when a natural disaster, pandemic, or some other problem causes supply lines to be severed? Will you have the food to make it over the hump?

For many people, the breakdown of the supply chain would result in instant food insecurity. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. If everyone invested in an emergency food supply, then no one would have to deal with that uncertainty. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review the best survival food kits. Kits that will help just about anyone face the uncertainty of what tomorrow might bring.

Quick Summary of the Best Survival Food Kits

Editor’s Choice: Augason Farms 72-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food Kit

Augason Farms is a company that’s been making quality survival food kits for quite some time and this product is one of the more recent innovations. This product is a pail that contains a 72-hour emergency food supply for one person. In the pail are 42 total food servings that are designed to give the consumer up to 2,667 calories per day. Local authorities suggest that consumers always keep a 3-day food supply on hand for emergencies and this product is certainly good for that purpose.

One of the best things about this product is that if the consumer keeps it properly stored between 55 and 70-degrees Fahrenheit, then this product is capable of lasting for up to 25-years. That’s an emergency supply of food that the consumer doesn’t have to worry about and is always ready to service them if there is an emergency.

And since this product is dehydrated and simply has to have water added to it, the consumer doesn’t have to worry if they have a way to cook or not. Plain room temperature water is enough to turn these pouches into great meals.

Inside this kit, the consumer will find 5 different varieties of food. This includes creamy chicken flavored rice, creamy potato soup, hearty vegetable chicken-flavored soup, maple brown sugar oatmeal, and banana chips. All of these are in pouches contained within the pail and are ready to be made.

These pouches are packed very well, but we didn’t like that each pouch contained multiple servings—which meant that we would have to portion out individual servings. It’s not a big deal because this is only a 3-day food supply and the unprepared pouched will still keep long enough to be used, but it would’ve been nice if they were individual portions of food.

Keeping all of this in mind, we do have to say that these are some of the best survival food kits we’ve tried. They’re easy to store, easy to use, and they provide the user with the nutrition and calories to make it through any 3-day emergency.

What we liked about it
  • It’s a reasonably priced survival food kit.
  • It provides a good variety of different meals.
  • It can be prepared with just water.

Also Recommended: Wise Company 104-Serving Emergency Food Kit

As was the case with the Augason Farms food buckets, this survival food kit from the Wise Company provides the consumer with food that has a shelf-life of 25-years if properly stored, and is enough to get people through an emergency. This food is packed in pouched, which are then packed into a bucket that’s easy to move around the home and can be stacked up in a basement or closet until it’s needed.

Some of the foods that can be found in this bucket include 4-servings of creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, 4-servings of pasta Alfredo, 4-servings of stroganoff, 4-servings of tomato basil soup, and 4-servings of apple cinnamon cereal. Those are what we would consider this survival food kit’s main entrees, but it also contains quite a few sides.

These sides include 8-servings of corn, 8-servings of peas, 8-servings of creamy yogurt, 8-servings of butter sauce, 8-servings of vanilla pudding and 24-servings of whey milk divided among 2-pouches. Those are more sides than we would’ve liked to see in a food kit, but it does provide the consumer with a good selection of different foods.

One thing that we weren’t fond of about this food kit is that there’s aren’t any single-serve pouches in it—which isn’t uncommon for most of the emergency food supplies manufactured nowadays. That means that if only a single serving is prepared, then the consumer might have to only prepare part of a pouch and then roll it up to keep it for later.

It would be nice if these companies made kits with single servings so consumers didn’t have to do this, but it shouldn’t be too big of a deal for most people because the unprepared food is going to last long enough for the consumer to eat it at a later date.

Overall, we think this is a great kit of survival food that can be used in the home or the individual pouches can be removed from the bucket and taken on the trail. Either way, it’s a great survival food kit that many people are going to be confident in keeping for emergencies.

What we liked about it
  • They have a 25-year shelf life.
  • They’re easy to prepare.
  • It contains 104-servings.

Also Consider: Ready America 3000 Survival Box

The first thing that we would like to mention about this survival food kit is that it contains just the basics to help a person survive for 3-days. What we mean is that it’s the bare minimum a person would need in a survival situation as far as water and food are concerned. This kit comes with one 2,400 calorie food bar that the person would have to break into thirds to get through 3-days and 6-water pouches. It also comes with a survival blanket that can help the user retain 90% of their body heat and can also be used as a shelter or poncho.

This is U.S Coast Guard approved food that is inexpensive and is a great kit to keep in the home or to place in a vehicle or boat. It’s the kind of food kit that will give the user just enough water and calories for them to be able to get to help in an emergency. Sure, it doesn’t have the taste of the comfort food of the other two kits that we’ve reviewed, but the main advantage of this kit is that it’s extremely portable and can even be carried in a backpack and taken to a campsite or trail.

What we liked about it
  • This survival food kit is very portable.
  • It provides 3-days of food and water.
  • It also comes with a survival blanket.

A Guide To Survival Food Kits

The main purpose of reviewing some of the best survival food kits available is to help educate our readers on the importance of keeping food stores for emergency use. Even with a relatively mild emergency, such as one caused by a power outage, for instance, a survival food kit can help keep the consumer fed until they can make it to a grocery store.

The home isn’t the only place these kits can be used, however. People should also think about whether they need to have some sort of emergency food kit in their car. These can be quite handy if the vehicle breaks down on a country road or become immobilized by snow on a highway during a snowstorm. 

As we did the reviews, however, we knew that we wanted to do a little bit more for our readers. We wanted to provide them with a guide that will help them select the survival food kits that would be best for their needs. The result of our work is this guide that you’re currently reading. We hope that it provides you and all of our readers with the information needed to select a great food kit. 

Buying A Survival Food Kit

The first thing we’d like to address with this guide is what you should look for when searching for a survival food kit that suits your needs. As most of our readers can probably ascertain from our reviews, these food kits come in several different varieties, so everyone should consider their personal needs before they purchase one.

Consider Portability Of The Food Kit

Probably one of the first things you’re going to want to think about when considering buying one of these kits is just how portable you need it to be. Do you need the kit for your home, and if so, do you have the space required for it? Maybe you need the kit to be smaller so it can fit into a car, boat or RV. Either way, you’re going to have to seriously think about whether it will fit into the space you need it to fit. There’s no use buying a 1-year survival food kit if you don’t have space to properly store it. 

Consider The Kit’s Number Of Servings

The next thing that you should think about when selecting your new survival food kit is how many servings do you need it to have. Do you need 12-servings that will get one person through 3-days or do you need a bigger kit? To determine your needs multiple the number of people anticipated to use the kit by the number of meals daily and then, by the number of days it’s supposed to last. That will determine the number of servings that you need the kit to have to survive an emergency.

Consider The Kit’s Shelf-Life

Shelf life is another important consideration for you to think about. Some kits are designed to last less than a year, while others have a 5-year shelf life. Some of the kits that we’ve reviewed have a 25-year shelf life, so there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. Just remember, if you purchase a kit with a shorter shelf-life, then you’re going to have to rotate out your stocks to keep them from going bad on you. 

Think About Taste

One thing that many people don’t consider is how the food kit tastes. Before deciding on a particular food kit for your emergency needs, try it first. There’s no sense buying a kit that you’re going to hate living off of in an emergency, so do your homework to make sure it suits your needs. 

Make Sure It Meets Your Nutritional Needs

The last thing to think about is whether the product meets your nutritional needs. For 3-day emergency food kits, this isn’t very important because the main focus should be on calories and not on nutrition. However, if the food supply is intended to last longer than that, then you’re going to have to think about whether the kit can meet your nutritional needs and has enough fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. 

Keeping Your Survival Food Kit In Good Condition

Once you’ve bought a survival food kit, you’re going to want to keep that kit in good condition. Below are some tips that will help you keep your emergency food in good condition so it doesn’t spoil before you have a chance to use it. After all, survival food won’t do you any good if you’ve discovered that it’s gone bad. 

  • Keep The Kit Away From Temperatures Above 75-Degrees.
  • Keep The Kit Away From Direct Sunlight.
  • Make Sure To Properly Rotate Food Stocks.
  • Keep Food Kits Stored Slightly Off The Floor.