The best folding saws are so useful, we’re really surprised that more people don’t use them. They’re not only great for dealing with overgrown tree branches and woody plants that are growing in a person’s backyard, but they can also be packed up and taken on a camping or hiking trip. These tools are also an important part of an emergency preparedness kit or bug out bag.

All of which is why we knew that we had to find and review the best models for our readers. The result is a list of some great folding saws that can be easily used by both homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to make sure that they’re adequately prepared for any disaster that might come their way.

Quick Summary of the Best Folding Saws

Editor’s Choice: Gomboy Medium-Tooth 8.5-Inch Saw

Anyone interested in purchasing the best folding saw available is going to have to at least consider this one. Sure, this model does cost a little more than some of the budget saws available, but it is absolutely the best saw in this category. This product is capable of pruning, trimming, and can even be used for construction purposes. It’s a saw that does its cutting extremely well and it is also a saw that feels extremely durable while it’s being used.

What makes this saw so exceptional? Although it can be hard to pin down just one thing that makes this saw great, we think that it’s excellence is due to how its features come together to make a quality product. What we mean is that there isn’t one feature that stands out, it’s the culmination of all of its noteworthy features. That’s why we’re going to have to do a deep dive into this product to ensure that we capture all of its features accurately.

Let’s start with this saw’s blade, shall we? It features an 8.5-inch SK4 high-carbon steel blade that’s equipped with medium-size teeth and uses what is known as MIRAI-ME Technology. This technology allows the saw to provide the cutting power the user needs but do it while remaining smooth in motion. This blade has a thickness of 1.2mm and is attached to an aluminum handle that features a non-slip rubber surface designed to give the user a good grip on it during sawing.

We also liked the fact that this saw cam with a plastic hinged carrying case that allows it to be easily transported from one location to another and helps to keep the saw in pristine condition while it’s being stored. This is truly a saw that’s designed to provide professional performance and can easily be used by both homeowners and professional landscapers. It’s also a good tool for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, hikers, or anyone else who might need to prune some branches or clear some brush.

What we liked about it
  • This saw has a razor-sharp blade.
  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • This is an extremely durable saw.

Also Recommended: Bahco Laplander 7.5-Inch Saw

This folding saw from Bahco is designed to handle the pruning and trimming needs of most households. It’s a general-purpose saw that’s equipped with a 7.5-inch blade that has 7 teeth-per-inch and is designed to handle everything from tree branches, dry or green wood, plastic, or even bone. That makes it a handy tool for not only people who need general-purpose trimming work done around their front and backyards but also by hunters, hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

This saw is equipped with a very thin blade with XT tooth and is specially coated to reduce friction and to protect it against rust. This thin blade is designed to provide the user with the cutting power they need, but it delivers that power on the pull stroke and not on the push stroke. We only mention that because it’s possible that this saw’s blade can be broken if the user exerts too much force on the blade during use. We’re not saying that it’s the blade is fragile, however, only that it has to be used properly.

The one thing that we liked about this saw is that it’s equipped with a two-component plastic handle that makes it extremely easy to handle and use. We also liked the fact that the blade locked into place and can be unlocked so it can be folded up by merely pushing a button on its side. It’s also worth mentioning that if the consumer does break a blade on this saw, that they can buy replacement blades that they can replace them with.

And the final thing we’d like to say about this saw is that it’s a very affordable model. It’s not the cheapest saw available, but it is reasonably priced considering its build quality and how well it cuts through wood, plastic, or bone. It’s just a great saw worth checking out—at least, that’s our opinion.

What we liked about it
  • This is a lightweight saw.
  • It’s extremely sharp and cuts well.
  • It’s not very expensive at all.

Also Consider: Flora Guard 7.7-inch Folding Camping Saw

Another saw that caught our attention was this folding hand saw from Flora Guard. Although we don’t think that this inexpensive folding saw would be very useful for heavy-duty pruning and trimming jobs, we did find it to be the perfect saw for light-duty sawing. As long as the branches weren’t too large, we felt extremely confident using this saw. It has a range of features that make it a great saw for people on a budget.

This model features a stainless-steel 7.7-inch blade that’s attached to and easy-to-grip 8.9-inch handle. The blade is designed to produce less friction than some cheaper saws and to be resistant to rusting. Their triple-cut blades are extremely sharp and do a pretty good job of cutting through appropriately sized branches or greenwood. Its handle has an eyelet on it that allows it to be attached to a belt and the handle is equipped with a soft-grip that makes it easy to use.

As is usually the case with folding saws, this model has a safety that’s easy to lock and unlock as needed. Probably the best thing about this saw, however, isn’t its design or cutting power, but it’s its price. This model is a fraction of the cost of other saws, so homeowners on a budget don’t have to spend a fortune to get the trees in their yard pruned perfectly.

Another thing that makes this saw a good one for campers or hikers is that it’s very lightweight, so it can be carried anywhere. Sure, it might not offer the cutting power of more expensive or heavier saws, but it is good for light-duty work. We’re sure it’s a saw that will make a lot of people happy.

What we liked about it
  • This is a reasonably priced camping saw.
  • It features a 7.7-inch saw blade.
  • Its blades are sharp.

A Guide To Buying A Folding Saw

Folding saws are marvelous inventions but not all of them are the same. Sure, they might all look the same, but there are subtle differences between models that will determine what jobs it is going to be capable of doing, as well as how effective the saw will be doing those jobs. With that in mind, we’ve created this extensive guide on the subject. A guide that we hope will help all of our readers find the best folding saw for their needs.

First Of All: Consider The Saw’s Intended Use

The very first thing that a person is going to want to consider when they’re buying a new folding saw is the job they need it for. Some saws are designed for light-duty work, while other saws are intended for commercial landscaping use. And of course, there are lightweight saws that are designed for hiking and/or camping. Therefore, the consumer should make sure to consider all of their needs, so they can narrow down their potential list of saws to only the handful that will work for them.

Next Up: Let’s Think About Saw Size & Weight

Okay, once the consumer has narrowed down the field of potential saws, they can now consider what size saw they may need to accomplish their work. For most consumers, this means a medium-sized blade that’s easy enough to carry from one tree to the next and isn’t too difficult to use. A medium-size blade is between 7 and 8-inches in size. Any smaller than that, and it won’t be effective for trimming smaller tree branches.

However, if the consumer needs something a little bit bigger, then they can consider saws with blades 8+ inches in size. It should be noted though that the bigger the blade, the more difficult the saw will be to maneuver, so the consumer should give it some careful consideration. The larger the saw, the more it weighs, so that’s also something that should be carefully considered.

The Handle Is Also Important

The next thing for the consumer to think about is the handle. The handle should be made of a material that’s durable to hold up to many, many hours of cutting, but is comfortable enough for the consumer to hold day-in and day-out. This can be an all-rubber handle or a plastic handle that’s been equipped with a rubber grip. Some saws allow the consumer to swap out handles for different jobs, so that’s also something that must be considered.

A Replaceable Blade Is Good Saw Insurance

We would also like to add that some of the best folding saws available have blades that can be swapped out as needed. This not only allows the consumer to choose the best blade for the job they’re doing but also allows them to swap out the blade if they just so happen to break it. In our opinion, that’s the best insurance a person can have and will prevent the consumer from having to buy a whole new saw if they just so happen to snap a blade. And let’s face facts, even the best of folding hand saws can have their blades broken under the right circumstances.

It’s Not The Size Of The Teeth But The Number

Although some guides will have consumers believing that bigger blades will result in a better cut, the truth of the matter is that it’s the number of teeth that matters. The more teeth a saw has, the smoother and the faster it will cut. Anything above 7 teeth-per-inch should be perfect for most people.

Don’t Discount Tooth-Size Entirely, However

Just because the number of teeth is a more accurate representation of how a saw will cut than the size of the teeth, that doesn’t mean that the size of the teeth is completely irrelevant. They are a good indication of what woods the saw is capable of cutting. For example, larger teeth are better for softwoods, while medium-size teeth are better for hardwoods.

Consider The Saw’s Stroke

Even though it’s a common misconception that folding saws only cut on the pull stroke, that isn’t entirely correct. Sure, there are plenty of saws that will only cut on the pull stroke and can have their blades easily broken by pushing on them, the inverse is also true. Whether a saw cuts on the pull or push stroke depends on how the teeth are angled in relation to the handle. Saws that have teeth angled away from the handle cut on the push stroke, while saws that have teeth angled towards the handle cut on the pull stroke.